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About Us

The Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA)

was established in 1985 to promote the professional interests of Black persons engaged in the accounting profession. ABASA is committed and dedicated in this pursuit and is driven by the need to ensure that every black accountant and aspiring accountant can realize
their full potential and aspirations.

National Strategic Overview

Chuma Mjali

Pillar 1 – Education

  • Facilitate collaboration of school level
    initiatives aimed at removing barriers to
    successful quality matric completion.
  • Facilitate collaboration towards University
    level initiatives aimed at removing barriers
    to successful University completion.
  • Provide structural and academic support to
    trainees completing their University studies,
    CTA or Qualifying Exams.
Linda Maqoma

Pillar 2  – Transformation

  • Perform an advocacy role addressing
    transformation challenges in the workplace
    and the wider industry.
  • Equip and empower junior to senior black
    management for effective leadership and
    influence within the profession and wider
    Corporate South Africa.
  • Provide a platform for influential black
    leaders to contribute towards the
    furtherance of ABASA’s mission and the
    country’s development objectives.
  • Contribute towards efforts to increase
    women leadership and participation in the
    Accountancy profession and industry at
Sibusiso Nduna

Pillar 3 – Economic Participation

  • Perform an advocacy role through active
    participation in the continuous
    development of black economic.
    empowerment legislation
  • Equip black accountants through practical
    and sound advice on personal financial
    management and wealth creation.
  • Facilitate opportunity for ABASA members
    to actively participate in the economic
    decisions and socio-economic

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